How I Design A Product

I thought my readers might like to know the process of how I create a product from start to finish. I have used the baby blanket in my competition as an example.

STEP 1: First of all I use a software called PE Design which I connect to my laptop. I get a screen like this –

STEP 2 – for the flower design I go to the shapes section and click on the flower design. I then drag the design to make it the size that I would like. I then position the design. I can either
drag the design to the position I would like or use the software to center the design. The grid on the design helps with the positioning.

STEP 3 – I then go to the font button and select the style of font that I would like to use. Then I select the font size and type the name. I have used my own name in this example. I then drag the name to the position that I like.

STEP 4 – I then select the import button and select the floral section and choose which flower I would like to include in the design. I then position this where I would like it in the design. If I would like the exact same flower in the design more than once I use a duplicate button. The flowers are then the exact same size.

STEP 5 – I then select the colours that I would like each element to be. I click on a certain element of the design (Big flower, font, small flower) and then select the colour I would like it to be. I then have my final design.

STEP 6 – I then save all my hard work!

Please check back later for the next process in getting this design into stitches. If you have any questions please send me a message. Thank you for reading so far.

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