Buy British

I was approached by the company Let’s Buy British to sell my gifts through them as they really like my products. My only problem was, and I hadn’t realised until this point, that the products that I buy to embroider were not made in Britain!! Whilst I know that many things we buy are no longer made in Britain I hadn’t even looked at where the products I buy were made!!

I spent a day or two thinking this over and chatted to my husband about it and I decided I should do something about this. I got onto the internet and found a company called Cute and Cuddly Babywear and I soon placed an order for baby clothing made here in the UK.

I am now sooooo excited to be able to sell some of my products as ‘Made in Britain’. Maybe more of us should try to do this with ‘Brexit’ fast approaching.

I am currently sat waiting for my delivery so that I can put together some ‘Made in Britain’ Personalised baby gift sets…..please check out my website later in the week to see what we have to offer.

What do you think about buying British. Please let us know.

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